Friday, June 29, 2007

45 Celsium degrees,welcome to the 21st century

It has been more than a week that South Europe has suffered by a horrible heat.There were so many days that the temperature was higher than 40 dgres,during the day.In the night it was just 3-4 dgres lower.Ok,we are used in the heat in South Europe,almost every year the temperature is getting higher than 40 dgres.But that was lasting for a couple of days.This time was for more than a week.
On the other half,N.Europe suffered by overflows,that unfortunately constrained many people to loose their houses and their fortunes.
If i am sure about something,is that the climatological conditions are changing dramatically the last years.I suppose in the following years,we should expect different enviroments conditions than those that we had in our lives till now.
We should all blame ourselves for that.Scientists have been warning the world for so many years that if we dont change our behavour,attitude,and useages against the enviroment we would suffer in the future.But very few behaved better on planet Earth.
Of course,the big companies that count their big profits over the profit of the planet are making things worst.Of course big countries that dont sign the "Agreement of Kioto"even if they had been badgered by other countries, should be blamed.
Those countries ,or these goverments are just protecting the interests of some companies that are making money against the enviroment.
You would wonder maybe now,what can i do about that?I know that it is difficult for everyone to be a part of Greenpeace,but still we can do a lot.
Like not buying products from companies that are eaning against the enviroment,as a start.
For sure everyone could do a lot of small things that can lead in a big result
Here are some :
1st)That goes especially for Greeks.Dont use your car or bike for a short distance.Walk or ride a bicycle.It is much better for your health and for the enviroment.
2nd)Dont use any kind of sprays that kill ozon.Dont use a lak for your hair,or for mosquitos.There are better products for your hair or for the insects bothers
3rd)Try not to use plastic bags that you re being suplied by the supermarkets.Have your own big cloth bag for your shopping.Plastic is one of the biggest enemies of the enviroment.
4th)Never,never throw a cigarete from the window of your car.The possibility to start a fire in some trees or even to a forest is much bigger than you can imagine.
5th)Never,never burn those little wooden chopes on your ground when the weather is windy or too hot.The danger of an accidental fire is huge.
6th)Try to use as less paper as it is possible.The half forest of Amazon is choped,so we citizens of advanced world are able too spent so much paper on bullshits.
7th)Demand from your local major to bring recycling in your city.It is a crime that so many cities dont have recycle vats for the garbage.
8th)Demand from your local city council to improve the public transports so you would be able to use less your car or bike.
9th)Use the public transport
10th)Follow scientists advices about the protection of the enviroment like the Byble,even if you dont follow the Byble
11th)Never leave your garbage in the beach.There are everywhere vats that you should leave them
12th)Try to use as less as it is possible the air-condition.It might bring a cooler atmosphair in your room but it it isnt friendly at all for the envirment...

There are of course much more things that we could about.I am not a scientist to give you advices.I am just a common person that have understand that things are not so easy as we thought 10 years ago.
SAVE THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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