Friday, June 15, 2007

OFI FANS,comment on the pics of the last post

As i use to do i post the comments for the pics on the previous post,so you have some explanation,about them!

1st,2nd and 3rd,Although Pagkritio stadium is a huge stadium,not a football stadium,but a place for athletics also,the fans of OFI manage to do it an unconquerable home.It is a fact though that OFI needs his own only for football stadium.Unfortunately it would take time to built it.
4th,Fans of OFI are protesting in the streets of Iraklion against the double ownership.I consider that last year were more than 4000 people in the streets for this protest.And it had happened twice...
5th,just before the starting whistle in a game in Pagritio.The atmosphair unique,but usual for an OFI fan
6th,Players of Panionios are taking their place in the field in last year's game.In the background the fires have been lighted.No it is not a stadium in Argentina,it is Pagritio stadium
7th,thats the first from our old stadium,Genti Koule.There were always people climbing up there.Second from the left,my very good friend Catman
8th,Against Levadiakos,last year in the last game that OFI manage to stay in the super league.In the last min.J.Nwafor scored the 2nd goal,that was enough for not having an extra match against the team from mainland.
9th,simly, Gate 4 in Genti Koule
10th,cops are looking at our fans in Gate 4,unable to react
11th,against Panathinaikos,the atmospair is always hot.Here you can see a stolen banner from the green fans,hunged up-side down in Gate 4.Loosing a banner is a big insult for the fans of the opposite team.
12th,and 13th,fans of OFI are protesting against the double ownership in the streets of Iraklion
14th,against Atletico Madrid,in Genti Koule.The experienced players of the spanish team were amazed of the atmosphair so much that it was like they never came out to play.They were just waiting for their loose
15th,against Olympiakos,another stolen banner.I still remember this brave man going in the grandine that Olympiakos fans were,and stealing their banner without to be understood,in the half time of a game in Genti Koule.When they realised that ,it was too late,so they start a civil fight for the stolen banner.In the meanwhile we have been amazed,in the sky,watching the guy with the stolen banner to cross the field and coming in our places.Of course some mins later the banner was on fire under our song"the bourdelo is getting burnt...
16th,No,no,it is not "La Bobonera".it is not Boca Juniors"who is playing.It is Genti Koule and it is OFI who is playing.For the story,the pic is from the game against Atletico Madrid...
17th,nd 18th,another two pics from Gate 4 in Genti Koule,when the fireworks start to explode...
19th,and 20th,fans of OFI on their boattrip to Rhodes,for the final of the playouts against F.C.Pas Giannina,in 2001.Of cource after this support OFI had won and had sent Gianina to the 2nd division
21st,gate4 in Genti Koule
22nd,usual for gate4 and OFI FANS
23rd,another marvelous support by OFI fans
24th,back from 1968,OFI FANS are celebrating for the rise in the first division of Greek football for the first time
25th,OFI FANS are celebreting for the cup victory against F.C.Iraklis,in 1987
26th,in OAK Athens,for the final against F.C.Iraklis
27th,OFI fans in an away game to support our beloved team
28th,in 2001,5000 fans have been in an away game to support OFI
29th,in the 60s,celebrating for the rise in the first division...


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