Monday, June 4, 2007

The best exchursion,Chrissi island

I read often in different sites,or i hear from people that are coming in Hersonissos about their will to make a boat trip.The most popular boat trip is to Spinaloga.Spinaloga is a little island,just half an hour from Elounda.Since the 50s Spinaloga was a place that all the leprians were gathering.It was like a geto,in order not to ifect healthy people.At this times there was no cure for this disease so that was the solution that was used .Nowadays Spinaloga is just a deserted rocky island.It is an easy boat trip though that's why travel agencies are selling it to people that want to spend a day in a small cruise.
But it is such a pitty,that very few people are searching for a better boat trip.Those that are searching ,they are finding the best boat trip.Anybody that has done this boat trip,had a unique feeling.The feeling that you are in a paradise.
I am talking for the magnificent island of Chrissi.It is known as Gaidouronisi as well.It is located in the south east of Crete.Chrissi means Golden,and Gaiduronisi means island of dokeys.But there are not donkeys in the island.Chrissi is a protected place from UNESCO ,as a unique for its nature place.
Chrissi is located in the south east of Crete.You can go there by a little boat that departs from the harbour of Ierapetra.The boat would need only an hour to take you in Chrissi.In the island there is a taverna,a cafe and beach bar in the south beach.
It has a gorgeous beach,with blue-green water,white sand,it is fantastic.If you like you can camp there and spend a couple of days in the nature,next to the beach.As far as i know sometimes beach parties are happening in the beach,so it would be great for you to join.
Enough words for now,one picture is like 1000 words ,so have some pictures....

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