Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another protest against the double ownership

The first is the one that wasnt published finnaly.The inspirer wanted something more touchy,so it was decided that it would be used the 2nd poster.In the 1st poster is written "how long is it gonna last?Free OFI,no more slaves".
The prisoners chains are showing the truth.

The 2nd is the poster that was published for the last protest against the double ownership.It bothered some people for sure.The OFI fans liked it though.

In the top is written:OFI-RELIGION-INDEPENDENCE,for the fans in Greece their team is adored like something holy,independence goes for the not being captured from the Vardinoginnis family.

Then it says,as long you ignor the subject,you are confederate.

Inside the shield is written:taitors your time has come

the signature of the clubs of OFI fans,Snakes and Club of OFI fans in Athens

Clearing now,we cant stand it any more.

No more double ownership.

Finish the lies and the sham!