Thursday, June 14, 2007


If you have read my former posts about OFI,you might have a view of the OFI fans.The fans of the Cretan team,as correctly has writen one of the most popular football columnist,Karpetopoulos, are those that have drunk more poison than all the others.That becouse of the double ownership of OFI by the Vardinogiannis family that owns Panathinaikos as well.

But still,even if the fans are hurted,they have been there always,especially when the team needs their support.

The fans of OFI all those years have stand by the team,for many years now,even though they have to travel by boat or planes,to be in the mainland of Greece.Exchursions are made really often,mostly by boats which means that they should be away from their hmetown more than 2 days,just to go in a simle away match in Athens for example.

It is not too much to say that OFI had won in the playout final in Rhodes in 2001 becouse of the support of 4000 fans that had travel to the beatifull island.

It is not too much to say that last year OFI managed to stay in the "super league",so it is called the greek 1st division,becouse of the support of more than 30000 fans that have been in the last game against F.C.Levadiakos,in Pagkritio stadium.

But unfortunately,even afer this huge appereance of the fans of OFI,some are still laughing at them,continuing this double ownership.

For that reason,many have stopped to be in the home games this season,not accepting to get fooled by the same people.

It is a petty for a such a great team,with so many thousands fans,to be humalited all of those,28,years.

Some years ago,3 or 4,in a gallop OFI was the 6th team in popularity,in the whole Greece.

It is a fact though,unfortunately,that in Crete exist fans of other teams,basicaly the 4 biggest of Greece,Olympiakos,Panathinaikos,AEK and PAOK.

But i am sure that if everything was working well in this bloody country,those fans(of the other teams)would be much less.

Cause,it is a fact that OFI means Crete,and a correct working OFI,WITHOUT DOUBLE OWNERSHIP,would be the real ambassador of Crete in Greece and Europe.

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