Monday, June 11, 2007

Comments of the pics of the last post

1st,The bride,Tamara,is coming in the church in happyness as you can see from her smile!
2nd Mother and father of the bride are ready to deliver their daughter to Dimitris
3rd,Dimitris holding his daughter and waiting for Tamara
5th,6th,and is welcoming her with a big kiss
4th,the ceremony has started and the couple is ready to get married
9th and 10th,the couple is married and following the priest in "Isaias dance"as it happens in Orthodox religion,having the best man to follow them and hold the garlands as the tradion says
11th,Dimitris and Tamara are getting married
lets go in the baptisings now
8th and 7th,George is getting baptised but as it looks like he doesnt like it so much.All the babies are crying in their christening.In the 7th in the hands of his godfather,Antonis,with the black hair...
12th,13th and 14th,Danai is getting baptised after her twin brother,and as you see she doesnt like it all either.The blond Antonis is her godfather...
now we go in the restaurant club
15th, Dimitris and Tamara in their first dance as a married couple
16th,having their wedding cake
17th when they apeared in the club,
18th and 19th,and the dances started
20th,after the dance of the couple of course
21st,again they are feeding each other and the fireworks explodes
22nd those smiles are telling the truth
23rd,Dimitris is so happy that he gives a show for his guests,singing old time classic songs
24th,me and my very good married now on friend
25th Dimitris and Tamara are dancing zeibekiko together.Zeibekiko is a greek dance that one is dancing and the rest are applausing in the rythm.In this occasion they broke the tradion but who cares?

Fellows,you know that,again again my very best wishes for you and your family...:)))

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