Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Carnival last part

The Carnival of 2008 is in the history now on.The last part took place in Rethymnon,where is the biggest masquerade parade in Crete,and on Monday,in the square of Old Hersonissos where it has been followed the habbit of "Koulouma".

In Rethimnon has been like an institutionalization for me, my brother,and our childhood friends Kostas and Giorgos to participate in the masqueraded parade.

There are participating 40 groups,about 10000 masqueraded,in a big parade that goes through the central roads of Rethimnon.

Here are a few words for the Carnival in Rethimnon,that i "fished"from a local site...

In the Past....
The city of Rethymno has a tradition of celebrating the carnival in its own special way and manner and this goes back all the way to 1914!This tradition of the previous century has not lost its touch what so ever,on the contrary the essence of nostalgia, romantic dances and theatrical welcoming of "His Majesty The King of the Carnival "is preserved with great grace and laughter until today .
In the 1990 s we have the revival of the "Treasure hunt "a game that has its roots all the way back into the previous century. So in 1993 the Municipality of Rethymno invites, supports and sponsors all the "Hunters" in order to give a breath of fresh air to the Rethymnian Carnival. This evolved and reached present times as "The Carnival of Crete"!
Present day........
The heart of Crete beats in Rethymno.
Friends, acquaintances,familiar faces, new friends meet and come together on common ground , feelings and experiences are shared.
It is in our city "Rethymno" that we send away all that is negative, as we set free the zest for life and imagination become the means to enhance our joy and love for life. Celebration finds its way into every single home , to every soul that opens and embraces this ambiance.
The Rethymnian Carnival is not simply a feast ,but a beautiful part of our own life on all aspects.It is where our past comes together with the present ,wandering through the narrow streets of the old town amongst sounds of music and songs. It is for us a time to celebrate our heritage,our history that we seek and find in every corner of Rethymno. Our history!
It is all the hours spent making our d reams come true, creating,imagining our costumes,our floats as we establish firm bonds amongst us.It is all those moments mocking each other...with a smirk on our face.But above all it is our common cause and vision.That the Rethymnian Carnival remains the true protagonist of our everyday life,as well as a successful retreat and escape from your daily chores.

On the 15th of February the ancient god Dionyus opened the Rethymnian carnival and on the 17th of February we saw the stunning opening ceremony of the Carnival attended by all carnival groups and spectators. On the 19th the "Hunt for the hidden treasure"as always invites many to hunt, locals as well as visiters. On Pancake day young and older people had a wonderful time partying in the streets util the early hours of the next day.
Today,the 2nd of March,whilst the children hunt for their "Hidden treasure"we in great anticipation await the peak of the crazy parties that are organized every night by the Carnivaliers the "Carnival Ball" .All the Carnival groups present theatrical and satirical plays.
On 8th of March the night parade begins,transforming the whole city into one massive dance floor.
All the carnavaliers wearing costumes of previus years farewell the past inviting the new carnaval as well as the all new visitors to dance and celebrate the passage of the past embracing the new.
Only a few hours later whilst the feast of 8th of March still going on we reach the dawn of 9th of March the peak of all the events.The Parade of all the 32 carnival groups,the 21 floats and the 9000 carnavaliers!Attracting people from all over Greece who reach Rethymno in order to experience something unique. The Cretan hospitality combined with joy and carefree feelings.

So,after those,"more official"words,i have to tell you that the pics that i ve made are from inside the parade,being a part of the parade.There are not so many as last year,that you can see at this blog by clicking here,in the following link,but that happened becouse i will be able soon to upload some videos from the parade.I hope you all enjoy and you gonna participate soon in the parade in Rethimnon,or maybe who knows,in Malia...

Oh,i almost forgot it,the pics of last year are here,Tasia,for you those;)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Xinoxontros kai Mouzoudia

So the second big event of the carnival in our area took place in Mochos village,the cousin of Stalis.It was something marvelous,lots of fun,nice organized by the locals,something that has been institutionalized,the last 10 years.

Of course many people attenders were not only from Hersonissos but from the whole area nearby.

From Malia and Sissi till Iraklion were driven from Hersonissos up to the hill,in the hospitable village of Mochos.Actually the and Arcalochori.

The fireworks gave their own majesty in the night,they were many and they gave in the sky thousands of lights and colour since they were exploding for about half an hour.

There were masqueraded people but also non-masq.The locals tace car of that since everybody was having a black paint in the face.That was the Mouzoudia!

There was a lot of Xinohontros soup as well,which helped a lot,especially becouse of the free wine and the all the other drinks that were supplied.

On the top,you see some pics from the beggining of the night till the end,in the early morning...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Masque Party

So,the Carnibal is here and different kind of celebrations have already started to take place.

Last Thursday,the Tsiknopempti as we call it in Greece,(the day that the cooked food are overcooked)a beatifull party took place in Matrix club.

That was just the beggining.In the whole area are gonna happen many and different kind of paries at those celebrations,in the best habbit of greek culture that has been started in the years of the god Dionysus,the god of wine and partying.

Today in the nearby village of Mochos,up in the mountain,but only 20 min from Hersonissos the celebration of "Xinohontros and Mouzoudia"is following.That is an open air party in the central square of Mochos.Its ingredients are Xinohontros(cretan made tradiotional soup)Mouzoudia(every one gets a black painting in the face)wine,lots of souvlakia and of course masquerade people with a non limit party-mood.

Next week,the last weekend of the Carnibal are going to be parades of masqueraded people in many cities of Crete.

The nearest one to Hersonissos is happening in Malia,but i think that i would follow the biggest one,the one in Rethymnon.

As a beggining i will attach some pics from the party in Matrix last Thursday,but stay tuned cause the best are coming...