Monday, June 18, 2007

Hersonissos night life,comments on the pics...

As i have realised,after almost 2 month having this blog,the nightlife of Hersonissos is one of the most interesting subjects for you.So it was time i give you some more infos,and of course pics..
Here are the subtittles of the previous post...
1st,My friend Antonis is getting me the last drink-for the road as the Irish lats saying...of course...IN AMNESIA
2nd,a self posing after 3 long nighs.In the backgorund the flag of OFI Creta,hanging in my house's living room.As you have realise in previous blogging,i am great fan of OFI Crete
3rd,me again,trying to make a pic with my eyes opened.The dum flash,i have to blame...but not only:-)
4th,finally i managed to have my eyes opened,kind of,at least
5th,my brother Mike and my friend Yianni,in a day break in New York club
6th,again those two,but Yianni doent want to be pictured at this situation that he looks like.He was though on the pic
7th,Having found a girl for himself?,already feeling better.I mean Yianis:-)
8th,My neighbour and very good friend of mine,Nikos,is working in the night as a taxi driver for the last 5 years.Wow,what a life?Here posing next to his car
9th,Status!Fabulus girls on the bar!as always!
10th,11th,12th,those girls had stolen every look this night in Status club
13th,Another beatifull sunrise as you can see it at New York,beach club
14th,In Amnesiaaaa!
15th,From the left,Aris,Monica,and Antonis,bartenders in Amnesia
16th,We have met Lefteris before.Now in a better night for him,having met a beatifull girl.
17th,Veronique from Holland,the blondy one,Holland?Hersonissos local i d rather say after so many years that she is living here..Unfortunately i dont know the name of the black hair girl
18th,an Irish guy didnt manage to go in his hotel to sleep.So he took a nap in the window...if he feels good that way,no problem 4 me
19th,My friend Stelios,the owner of New York is welcoming some beatifull girls in his club
20th,a sexy picture ,made in FRIENDZ bar
21st,this lady has for sure sexy legs
22nd,Georges in the lazers,Dj Billy in the decks,IN AMNESIA.Those two are making a good team...
23rd,a vie of Amnesia's dancefloor
24th,A classic Irish pub,in the way to Koutoulafari "Frida's bar"
25th,a vie of "Frida's bar"
26th,Kelly is there to help you
27th,Johana is there cause is Kelly's best friend.Lovely smiles from both of them...

So that is all for now,but stay tuned ,cause dj Sasha would be here on Thursaday,performing in Matrix club,but before that there is another protest of the OFI fans on Thursaday noon,13.00 o'clock,when the "Superligue"would have a meeting in Candia Maris hotel,in Iraklion.
I bet it would be an interesting week...

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