Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bunjee jump in star beach

If you like adventures sports,if you wanna have your adrenaline to break the limits,then you have to try bunjee jumping.People that stay or coming here are luky to have this extreme sport in Star beach.100%safe,the crue is coming from Australia,very experienced,give it a try and i am sure as you land you will want to have another jump.To tell you the truth,you might be able to see it on the pics also,i was scared as i was going up,before the jump.But only on the first time.The secret for not being scared is not to look down.I did that fault.Everything was looking so tiny from the 48m,people were like ants.But if you are up there ,you jump,otherwise you are a chicken.I am not.Of course if you finally dont dare,you can go down by the elevator.The view though from this height was fantastic.For sure i recomend it to everyone unless you have heart-problems or you are suffering by dizziness.I ve done it totally 3 times,it is so refreshing,it is so nice when you aproaching the sea,and then the nutation for 3-4 times till the stuff from the ground is picking you up.It is so refrefreshing,epsecially the first time is the best.
In Crete there is another bunjee jump,in the region of Chania in a gorge,a bit higher,there is the height of 80 m.
But if you come in Hersonissos,and you want your adrenaline to have a "limit up"try it in Star Beach water park.
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