Monday, June 11, 2007

A big Greek-Dutch wedding

A big Greek-Dutch wedding took place yesterday,in the church of "Estavromenos",that means Jesus in the Cross,in Iraklion.After the wedding was a great party at "Palladium"club in Anopolis,where we had unforgetable time.Dimitris,the Greek part,and Tamara,she is the Dutch part,met in Hersonissos,while they were working together in Mouragio club.Something nice and strong started there for them,so when everybody learnt 2 years ago that Tamara is pregnant was very happy.The happyness actualy was double,like the twins that were going to come.A boy and a girl is for sure quiet a success.Now the babies are already more than 1 year old so after the wedding,there was the two christenings-baptisings of the babies.The girl took the name Danay and the boy ,George.
After the ceremonies all the guests of the couple gathered in "Paladium"and when Dimitris and Tamara came in the club-restaurant,the emotions were very strong.You see both of them are very nice guys,always standing by their friends thats why they are taking this love back.
Everybody danced,even the dutch family of Tamaras danced plenty of Greek and Cretan tradiotanal dances,the wine was plenty too,the food was delicious,so nobody wanted this party to finish.
What else shall i add?Of course!The father of the bride became by his happy dancing attitude the man of the show,till his new son took the mic and started to sing old classy greek songs that everybody loves.
The Dutch family left impressed from the way Greeks are celebrating,for sure happy that they have a relative relationship with Crete now on.
I will continue this subject in the next post where i ll give you the comments for the pics that you see above

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