Thursday, June 7, 2007

Advices for girls

A sad new came out the last days in local TV.A Denish girl is accusing two Albanians who are working in Hersonissos that they have raped her.It is something that is appearing once or twice every summer.Sometimes the defandant were not guilty,the truth was that the girl(i dont know about this occasion)have had sex with somebody by her willing and then was accusing her partener in order to earn some money after an agreement,for not going in court.
But as we say in Greece,where you see smoke,there is a flame.
For me living in Hersonissos,has been great so long.Too many girls are coming here,the temperature is high,it is the summer that everything happens easier,i have quiet a success.
I have been with girls that under different circumstances we would have something stronger than a week or two,affair.I have had one night stands as well,that happens everywhere,i suppose.But whether i was with a girl only for her holidays,longer,or for one night stand,i was and i am always respecting and giving to my partner.
As far as i know after chating with friends from the town,nobody had behaved bad to a girl.It is like you are shaming your town if you not gonna have the right behaviour.It is totaly different,if you girls go home,with a nice feeling becouse of a summer love,than to go back and have this ruining feelings about your holidays.Sometimes actually those affairs are ending in something happy,i have so many friends that are still in a relationship that started as a "summer love".

So here is my advice.Becouse whenever something with raping is appearing,has to do with Albanian men,just ignore them.Ok i know that is coming to you like racist but it is not something like that.I have quiet a few Albanian friends who are very nice guys.There are some that they do respect the girl that they are flirting.Take your time and judge them.The difference with the Greeks is that they are claiming that they are coming from Italy.Come on now,Italians are easy to be understood.Their style is totaly Italian,you can recognise them from far away.Except that they are on holidays only on August.Even from the accent is easy to be understood.Then,if they,are too "pushy",i mean the Albanians,ignore them.It is easy also to understand where they come from by the behaviour in the club.Greeks look like they are playing in home.They know everybody,bartenders,owners,even some of the people that are passing by,we are gonna talk to everyone.We gonna have some noise in the club,how can i explain that?
Something else is the names.Greeks have greek names.Kostas,Giorgos,Nikos,Manos,Yiannis,are names that you meet only in Greece.Ok mine is one that you dont meet so easy,after all my name is Cretan,even in mainland they dont know it but thats something else.Albanians have kind of english-italian names,like Eddy,Rafaelo,Arian etc.
Anyway just remember,in order not to have bad circumstances,if you are willing to have some sex in your holidays,get some respect firstly,judge the behaviour,declare the nationality,and trust the Greeks,especially the locals:).
After all,our reputations is going forward to us,as the best lovers in Europe,or maybe not only?

P.S.Of course this is a general opinion.I dont mean that it is impossible to have good time unless you have it with a Greek.At the end everthing has to do with the chemistry mix of two persons.And chemistry things have no nationalities...

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Blumarine said...

I just returned from my hollydays in Hersonissos and I want to confirm that Greeks...locals are the good lovers, perhaps best in Europe :)
And actually i had one night stand with albanian guy too...and i regret that so much, that i cant express it in words(surely i didn't knew about his nationality). And i regret about that not only because he was bad in bed, but because i cheated the greek guy who was so nice to me, actually he make up my hollydays and I damaged them.
And I can't explain my actions.
I understand compleatly that this affair with local greek guy was just for hollydays, and for him its also nothing else important (especially when he has job in bar), but i wanted it to stays as afterglow.
Now i whish i was read this blog before my hollydays...
So my advice to girls - think twice before taiking actions,in order to keep good memories.