Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Crazy nights in Hersonissos

Crazy nights in Hersonissos again.After 10-12 hours of work ,we need to have some fun as well.
I was playing a paparazi role,picturing what ever i liked.Just for fun.I have to thank my good friend George for his help,so here we are:
1st,An other very good fella Kostas,is showing me and you his tongue.
2nd,whats so funny?i dont remember...
3rd,Vicky and Tasia
4th,Manos,Hersonissos local,has got out of control that night
5th,George,an old friend from the army,hided in the hug of his girlfriend
6th,Kostas and Tasia
7th,Antonis Adams,good friend also,but he doesnt like pics
8th,Kostas and Tassia have stopping kissing in order not to be captured in a pic
9th,A beatifull girl,finally posing for me
10th,an even more beatifull girl outside of Kelly's irish bar
11th,hmm,the gipsy kids.I have to upload a special blog about them.The point is,not giving them money,dont buy for them,there is a big danger of stealing you
12th,bubies,size matters
13th,two gorgeous girls are crossing the seaside street,i captured on a pic of course,or George did
14th,My very good friend,George,having coffee before going out.We alays have fun when we go partying
15th,Take a half naked pose from Myron
16th,hey girls,where re u goin?
17th,very sweet girl,dont you agree?
18th,leave the jerc and come with us
I hope you liked,but whether you did or not,stay tuned,more are coming...

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