Saturday, June 23, 2007

40 degrees...

I have to appologize,i suppose,cause i dont upload new bloggs so often lately.I got some explains though for that.It has been the hottest June in south Europe,the last 150 yers,so my mood is not so good for networking.Add a toothache that has made me suffer the last 2-3 weeks,some more personal things,that i am not going to publish about,hope that you,my guests could understand me.
So what is new?As i had written in the last blogging,there was a protest about the doubleownership of OFI Creta,last Thursday in Candia maris hotel.I have to admit that the protest wasn't that succesfull,but my soul and my heart led me there.The protest took place outside of the hotel that the ligue was making the ballot of the season 2007-08.Perhaps,the time was not so appropriate for many people,it was 13.00 o'clock,under the heat,when many people are still working...Anyway i upload the poster of the protest,that bothered some people.At least that was a success.
The same day,actually night,Matrix club was guesting dj Sasha, ,in a big party.Unfortunately,an appoitment with my dentist the next morning didn't allow me to be there.But soon i will find pics from that party,so you gonna be able to see what happened.
The heat on Crete,has been terrible this week.As the meteorologistes said,it would be around 40s degrees,till tuesday.Not so good weather ,for us that have to work in this heat,even if the air-condition is working all day in the maximum.I just wanna be in the beach as long as possible,but dem,i have to make some money as well,so my time in the beach is never enough...

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