Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pictures from OFI,

So here are some pics,from OFI FANS protests about the double ownership,from players that played in both teams and from players that have written their name in the recent history of OFI.
1st,OFI-Panathinaikos,in the old stadium,Genti Koule,in the background you see Gate 4,the most fanatic part of the stadium.OFI FANS are looking for the second win against Panathinaikos since 1996.
2nd and 3rd,more than 5000 fans of OFI are protesting in the streets of Iraklion against the double ownership of their beloved team by Vardinogiannis family
In the small pics,1st, Nickos Machlas,the nature captain of OFI Creta,he was brought out by Gerald,he refused to go in Panathinaikos and had made a great career abroad,Vitese,Ajax,and Sevilla,being the top-scorer in 1998 of Europe.He came in OFI to finish his career,but his disagreement with the status of the doubleownership,led him out of the team
2nd small,an other Cretan player that refused to go to Panathinaikos,Stavrakakis,became a song from the funs becouse of his deny going in the greens.
3rdsmall,R.Gomez,the CostaRican striker,made a great career in OFI,almost led the team in a champion,but that is limmited only for three clubs in Greece
4th small,G.Koutsoupias,a nowadays hero for OFI fans,he scored against Panathinaikos in 1997 and left the biggest enemy of OFI fans out of Europe.Naturally another song,
by them for him.
5th small,,Eg.Geralds,the reformer of OFI Crete,being in the bench for 15 years,has made the team belonging in the top-5 of Greek clubs.He left cause he could not stand anymore the issue of the double ownership.
Next are two big pics,so in the 1st,another view of Gate 4,in a game against our hatefull club,Panathinaikos.Then the arrival of more than 4000 fans in Rhodes,for the final of playoffs against Gianina.Their support helped OFI to stay in the first division.More pics of the fans,the power of OFI Crete in a next blog.
9 small pics are following, so here are the subtitles
1st and 7th,K.Kiassos is another player that was brought out in OFI,he became a national player,moved to the greens,bad career there,came back in OFI.Now where...???
2nd and 5th,The chech trainer Scazni,came in OFI in 2002.His first statement was that his boss is Panathinaikos.After a not succesfull time in OFIs bench,went to Panathinaikos,failed there as well.A silly comic figure in the story of the double ownership.
3rd,oops,again this pic.G.Koutsoupias."Suddenly in OAKA,with the goal of Koutsoupias..."
4th,the banner that appears in every OFI's game.Shamrock is the emblem of Panathinaikos
6th,Alexoudis,another player,that was brought out from Gerald,became a national player,being in OFI,then he went in Panathinaikos and destroyed his career
8th,Nikos Noblias,a great player ,played for OFI for 20 years,with a break of 3 years that he moved to...Panathinaikos.You see he wanted to win tittles in his career,and for OFI,even though the team was playing amazing football that was forbidden ...from the authorities.Greek F.A.,Refererees,Greek ligue and of course Vardinogiannis family.When he came back to OFI,he wasnt so welcomed by the fans that never liked his transfer,or any other transfer to or from Panathinaikos but with his performances he gained them again.
9th,Probably the biggest star that has ever played for OFI.Mohamadu Diarra was another discovery from Geralds,he was too good for us ,so he stayed only for one season.After a great career in F.C.Vittese and F.C.Luon,now he is playing for Real Madrid.Yeap he is,last year's transfer of Real,has already helped a lot the "mererengues".Unsurprisingly ,the only player of Madrid,that has started his Europe carreer in Greece...
Of course more pics from OFI,next time is about the power of the team,The FANS

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