Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Subtitles of the pics in the last post.

I think it would be easier from you to get the subtitles of the pics above so i am gonna do it like this now on...

1st,2nd, and 3rd views of the jewery store of G.M.KANAKIS S.A in 19 Ag Paraskevis str,in Hersonissos.
4th,Ring and earings in K18(750o)white gold with black and white diamonds
5th,a hand-made collection composed with necklass,bracelette,ring and earings in K18(750o)gold,in byzantian design
6th,a solitair brilliand white gold ring in K18(750o)white gold.As you see the carats of the brilliand are 0,46!
7th,there is the newest collection of Buller swiss made watches
8th,there are also hand made icons.At this pic you see St.George
9th,three rossetes ring in k18(750o)white gold.From the left rossettes with zaphire(the very same that Diana was wearing all the time),emerald and rubbin
10th,a beatifull butterfly as a brochure in K18 (750o)white gold with brilliands
11th,also the newest collection of Versace watches
12th,a marvelous handmade pendant/brochure with rubbins in byzantian style in K18(750o)gold
13th,a K18(750o) white gold ring with a navvette cutted solitair brilliand.Something for good spenders...
14th and 15th,a view from inside of the G.M.KANAKIS GOLD JEWERLY SHOP.
16th,a view of the workshop of G.M.KANAKIS S.A,that experienced goldsmiths are working intensive for fulfilling the desires of the customers.With the glasses you see Mr Kanakis,working as a goldsmith himself
17th,three necklasses in different sizes in K14(585o)gold with the Greek design.At this very popular design you can find also rings,earings,braccelets ad pendants...

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