Thursday, May 24, 2007

OFI Creta,historical pics

Before i let you know about the doubleownership of F.C.OFI and F.C.Panathinaikos(bliaxx),here are some pics from the past of OFI Creta.I havent upload any pics of the fans,the power of the team cause this is gonna be in another blog that is going to amaze you.
On the top are:N.Machlas,the favourite player of the fans with a great career in Europe,J.Anastasiou who is still playing in Holland,H.Vera an arrist of football that we admire in Iraklion in late 80s and early 90s,R.Gomez,the tank of our attack,participated in 2 world cups with Costa Rica,P.Marinakis was another kid of Eg. Geralds,the first Greek that played in Primera Division in Spain,N.Noblias one of the greatest for OFI,M.Diara,now player of Real Madrid,and Myron(yes i am proud for the same name)Sifakis,the goalkeeper that gave us the Cup.His son is now first goalkeeper of OFI.Then you see the triuph round in 1987 that we were Cup winners,a great goal that send us in Uefa cup against Olympiakos,and the architecht of OFI's greatest teams Egen Geralds.Next the great chief ,a real Cretan G.Vlastos.
Lets go more in the past now,starting with the team of late 70s,M.Sifakis is holding the Cup that he helped so much OFI to win by saving 3penaltys.Some retro pics for the end,the team of 1929 after winning the champion of Crete,in the background you can se the Walls of Iraklion.At this times OFI was playing in the National Stadium of Freedom which is builded next to Walls of Iraklion,OFI at the year 1945,just after the 2nd world war,and a pic from the 60s.
Well those were just for starting ,OFI is my favourite team,i am a football adiccted,so there gonna be more blogs about.I have promised that i let you know about a crime,unique in world football,the relationship between F.C.OFI and F.C.Panathinaikos.A relationship that nobody likes in Crete,a relationship that made many thousands of fans not to go again in an OFI match in Iraklion.Something that still going on only becouse of some deceivers that earn money becouse of that

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