Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beaches of Hersonissos,part4,Annisaras

So,it is time for Annisaras beaches.Annisaras is a superb in the west of Hersonissos,with many 3 and 5 stars hotels,so its beaches next to the hotels are for sure organized.I dont go so often there,it is like 10 min from my home so i d rather go in a beach nearer.I know though how are those beaches nd what is going on there.Here are comments and ratings,starting from the top as always...
1st,it it the beach next to "Serita"hotel,big,long,clean with all kinds of watersports.There you would meet mostly guests of the hotel.Pictured on May 14th,18.00,Rate 7/10
2nd the beach next to "Annisa"hotel,similar to the former,if you stay in Annisaras i reccomend it.Big enough suplied with a net for beach volley as well,but it is so big that you can play even beach football.Pic on May 14th,18.00,Rate 7,5/10
3rd and 9th,the "steriles" beaches of Annisaras.They are so rocky that you cannot go for swimming there.They are better for fishing from the coast,there are fishes there,or crebs picking.Pic on May 14th,17.55,Rate 3/10
4th,A panoramic view of the beach of Annisaras.It is the biggest in the area of Hersonissos but the water in the sea is not so nice as in former beaches that i have described.It is up to you though.Pic May 14th,17.52,Rate 7/10
5th,the beach next to "Kosta Mare"hotel,i love this kind of umbrelas,thats why it is in the frontground,nice sandy beach,similar to the others of Anissaras.Pictured on May 14th,17.58,Rate 7/10
6th,the private beach of "Cretan Village"hotel,probably the best beach of Annisaras,quiet,clear sea water but not my type.Pic on May 14th,17.48,Rate 7,5/10
7th,a family is playing beach volley in the beach of "Creta Village".I just liked the image.
8th,the little beach next to "Creta Village".Just a simple quiet beatifull,cause of the trees that you can meet and lie under.Always clear inside and outside the sea,perfect for relax.Pic on May th,17.42,Rate 7/10
Well that was for now,i havent finished though,i saved the best for last.Be here for the beaches around STAR Beach...Soon!

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