Wednesday, May 30, 2007


G.M.KANAKIS JEWELRY S.A. was established in 1973.The jewelry shop is located in Hersonissos Crete,at 19 Ag.Paraskevis str,the seaside and commercial street of Hersonissos. In 1973 was the year that George and Anna Kanakis,the owners of the company, had decided to make a jewelry shop in Hersonissos,having understand the developent of the city becouse of the tourism.At this ages Hersonissos had only two hotels but very soon more hotels were being made. The policy of the company,the precious character of the owners,the beatifull gold jewelries collections in very competitive prices had given to G.M.KANAKIS S.A. many thousands of happy customers.Many of them are coming back every year in order to make their jewelries shopping from G.M.KANAKIS jewelry store.The company is proud to have steady customers since the 70s,customers that are considered as friends anymore,after so many years. G.M.KANAKIS S.A. has also its owned work shop that anybody can make true his desires in gold jewelries.Of course resizing jewelries is not a problem at all for the experienced goldsmiths. The policy of the company is to respect all the clients and try to make them happy.In the jewelry shop of G.M.KANAKIS S.A. all the customers are able to see bythemselves the real price of a jewelry which is written down at the cartel of each jewelry.Except of the price ,customers are able to see the Karats of gold of each jewelry and the karrats of the precious stones that it might has. Of course for every purchase that you make,you are having an international certificate,authorized by the handicratf and commercial chamber of Iraklion, for the karats of the gold and the karats of the precious stone,that the gold jewelry has. In the jewelry shop of G.M.KANAKIS S.A,you are able to find beatifull collections of gold jewelries in K14(585o)K18(750o) and K22(916o).There also the newest collections of Versace watches,Buller swiss made watches,Nina Ricci and Swissarmy sportwatches.Also there are some very beatifull hand made icons

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