Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beaches of Hersonissos/part 1,Centrals

I think that it is time to show you the beaches of Hersonissos,so those that have been here already would have some nice memories,those that are planning to come would know tips about our beaches,and those that they are still thinking of coming would be persuaded hopefully.At this blog,i would start with the central beaches,those that they are located north of El.Venizelou ave,across Hersonissos.I would have some rates as well,through my experience of swimming and sunbathing so many years here.
So here are comments and ratings,starting from the top:
1st and 2nd,the beach of Silva Maris hotel,pictured from west and east,a nice beach,cheap at the sunbeds and the ombrelas.The disadvantage is that is a bit rocky when you go in the sea and the water is getting suddenly deep,so you cannot play games like volleyball in the sea.For those that like adventure and snorkeling there is an aircraftwreck since the 2nd world war about 500to 700m from the coast.In the background of the 1st pic you can see also the famous "boat-house"just next to the waves,owned by the family Metaxas,the owners of "Maris Hotels",unfortunately abandoned nowadays.Pictured on May 14th,18.00,Rate 7/10
3rd,The beach next to New York beach bar.This the beach of my childhood,i learnt how to swimm there,i grow up at this beach.I remember that as a child i was waking up during the holidays at 12 oclock in the noon ,i was wearing immediately my swimswuit and straight to the beach.I was living next to this beach,back in the 80s.In the night we were gathering all the children of the neighbourhood and we were there playing beach football till midnight that our parents were picking us up.Oh,those were the years.Nowadays the beach is not as it used to be,i wouldnt recomend it becouse of the noise and the not so clean water becouse of the little harbour near.Pictured May 6th,06.00,Rate 7/10,becouse of my memories...
4th and 5th,the beach next to "Glaros Hotel",nothing special,pretty similar to the beach at pics 1 and 2.In the background you can see the west part of the "boat-house"that i described above.
Pictured May 14th,17.55,Rate 6/10
6th,the beach next to Palmera hotel,small,quiet a bit rocky though.It is a nice beach,especially for people that want to have a quiet sunbathing.Pictured May 14th,17.20Rate 6,5/10
7th and 8th,The long beach next to Niki hotel,Majestic cafe,Floisvos etc.A nice long beach in the centre of Hersonissos,not so noisy but not very quiet also,you could meet people from the whole Europe there,nice soft sand,and beatifull waters as well.As you going in the sea you might meet some slippery rocks,only for 2-3 meters but then it is marvelous.If you cannot walk in the sun to go in some other not so central beach i recommend it for sure.Pictured May 14th,17.25,Rate 7,5/10
So here is the end of the 1st part,but stay tuned,the best are coming...

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