Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beaches of Hersonissos,last part,Star bech and more

Well here we are in the last part,in the beaches of "Star beach"and near to that.They are located at the east of the town.My opinion is that those are the best beaches of the Hersonissos,these and 2 in "Limanakia" area,"Golden beach"and the one next .You might meet in one of those beaches,swimming,playing rackets,mostly in the weekends,or sunbathing and reading a book.I go more often in thebeach of "Star beach 2"which is the best near my house.Here is also the main beach of "Star beach"if you like to party,or even to dare a bunjee jump,something that i suggest with no doubts.But here are the comments and the ratings...starting from the top as always!
1stand 2nd,well, we start with a small,tiny i d rather say,beach,the one i was calling"bathroom"in my childhood cause it is so small that 5 people are too many there.Lets say that 4 towels can fill the beach.But this is what is good about.If you gonna be lonely with your partner it is the best.It is located at the end of Hersonissos,shaped between the rocks as you can see,and the water are very swallow,as a filled bathroom.The sea water though is always very cold,it is coming from the mountain the whole year,but when there is like 35 degrees out there that is soo nice.If you decide to go...dont forget your sampoo...Pictured on May 14th,18.08,Rate 8/10
3rd,4th and 10th,the little beach in the east of "Caravan Camping".Another beatifull tiny beach,never croweded,with clear sea water,ideal for relaxation,or for playing with your pets as you see in the photo,if nobody is bothered of course.Pictured May 14th,18.02,Rate 7/10
5th,just a rocky coast,good only for snorkelling and fishing.Pic on May 14th,18.01,Rate 4/10
6th and 8th,the "Crocodile beach"as i have named it years ago.At the end of Hersonissos,just before the"Bathroom",small,quiet beach with clear but cold again,yeap the mountain,sea waters.The fact that many locals prefer that beach means something.The name has come from the rock that you see in the 8th pictured and looks like a crocodile.At least in my childish imagination.Pictured on May 14th,18.06,Rate 8/10
7th and 9th,the "Caravan Camping"beach,nice not so big but not so small as well,not so quiet but not very noisy,a nice beach to chill out,in the day or in the night;).Located just next to "Star beach",the sea water is swallow in the beggining but after 50m is getting deeper so you can have some good swimming free style or butterfly.Pic on May 14th,17.55,Rate 8/10
11th,12th,13th,14th and 16th....This is my faavourite as you can understand.It is the beach next to "Star beach 2",the beach that i go more often the last 20 years.Sandy from the one edge to the other,sandy as well in the sea so you can enjoy sea games,clear sea water all the time,deep where it should be so you can swimm,beatifull green water in the bottom if you go a little bit inside,enough place for volleyball or rackets,simly the best.Croweded enough,many cheecs around that they make an even nicer view,well my mind has stopped,i dont describe anymore.
THE BEST.Local speaking.See you there...
Pic on May 14th,17.50,Rate......10/10,of course.
15th,sorry that i have just one from,its majesty,"Star beach"not the fun park,the beach.I am unforgivable.I owe you some...So this is the beach of "Star beach".I is the best for a cool break from partying.Sandy,but very croweded,too much croweded,that during the summer it is impossible to find place to sit.As you can understand the water,although is clean,it is not so clear like in other beaches,becouse of the too many people.But is always nice for a salty cool break from partying.Pictured on May 14th,17.45,Rate 7/10
17th and 18th,here are two small beaches shaped in the rocks,in the "Star beach".A nice seascape that shows what nature and sea could do...
So as an epilogue,as you have seen there are many nice beaches in Hersonissos that you can enjoy during your time here.I would have to mention also that Hersonissos is one of the towns with the most blue flags in the European Union.The "blue flag"is an award made by the E.U. for the beaches with clear sea and clean beach.By finishing i am in the temtation to make my top-5.
So lets see...
5."the bathroom"
4."Caravan camping"
3."Golden beach"
2.next to "Golden beach"
1."Star beach 2"
p.s.clubs and bars are coming,be here for your infos

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