Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beaches of Hersonissos,part2,Creta Maris

Here we go again,part two,around the Luxurious hotel "Creta Maris"Starting from he top again,coments and rating
1st,Just beside Creta Maris,the first from the "Limanakia beaches",beatifull white sand,magnificent blue green waters,always clean,one fantastic beach.You gonna meet all kind of people there,Greek and tourist families,gorgeous Russian girls,more beatifull than top models, just go there,no matter what time it is.Pictured 14th May,16.30,Rate 8,5/10
2nd and 8th,the beach of Creta Maris,mostly for the guests of the hotel,but availiable for everyone.Nice as it should be,white sand that doesnt stick in your feet,clean,beatifull waters.All kind of water sports also availiable.Pictured on May 14th,16.20,Rate 7,5/10
3rd,Another beach of "Limanakia",small and quiet,just beatifull.I dont want to be repeated,so...
Pictured May 14th,16.33,Rate 8/10
4th and 5th,A rocky beach in the "Limanakia"area,always with clear waters,beatifull for amateur snorkeling,gorgeous.You can enjoy the shadow under the trees of the Cretan nature,without the fear of sunburning.Take a nap,a siesta,under the trees,you might have an unforgettable dream there.Pic on May 14th,16.36,Rate 7/10
6th,7th and 8th.The beach just before Creta Maris,next to the little harbour of Hersonissos.Another magnicint long beach,with white sand,clear water,very busy in the summer time.There are also all kind of watersport there,and also ...if you are lucky you might have a date for the night...Pic on May 14th,16.18,Rate 7,5/10
More are coming...i save the best for the end...

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