Sunday, May 27, 2007

Last night in Hersonissos,Matrix,Enigma,NY

That was a saturday night fever.To tell you the truth i dont remember much from last night.I had lots of photos though,it was a long night,just to show you people what is going on in the town,even if it is still May.In the photos,except of friends of mine,you see also Mr Egen Geralds,the always popular ex-trainer of OFI Crete,Joseph Nwafor,a nowadays striker of OFI, andManos Lidakis ,a famous Greek singer with thousand of recs saled,who is coming from Iraklion.He comes often in Hersonissos,the fan about him was that when in Enigma was playing one of his songs,he said"what an jerk singer".There are also in the pics some people i dont know,but as i told you i dont remember much from last night...
1st,me,J.Nwafor and Stelios,the boss of New York club
2nd,a view of Enigma club last night
3rd,me and Sandy,beware of him,one of the craziest of Hersonissos.If you see a Lamborgini in the town,it is probably him.
4th,me and Manos Lydakis,a famous Greek singer.
5th,Dj Kostas and Kostas Garyfalakis,for the locals,"the short"a famous showman of Greek TV.He used to be a barman in Hersonissos,before he appeared in TV.The good thing about him is that even though he has become famous,he is still "walking on earth"
6th,Manos Lydakis in Enigma,listening at his songs and staring the people enjoing by his "gifted" voice.
7th,Katerina,a good friend of mine posing for me in Enigma
8th,Eleni,the barwoman of Enigma,in not so good posing.She looks much beter live.
9th,Nikos ,the boss of Enigma
10th,Mariana...not posing,
11th,Melina,her sister and a friend in Enigma
The time passed and here i am in New York
12th,after the sunrise,some feeled like jumping in the sea.I think they regret it.It is freezing at this time...
13th,Nive,Lora and a friend in NY
and then some live pics.See you in NY...

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