Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bars,pubs and clubs report,part1,main road(ave.El.Venizelou)

It is time to make a report for the bars and the clubs of Hersonissos.Of course i have my preferences,but i will try to be fair.The places that i prefer though are tasted for years,so that means that they worth it.Lets start,from the top...,i will have some comments that i hope they would help you and they would make your nights and days here unforgettable!
1st and 6th,Shamrock pub,an irish pub as its name states,many years there,Manos is the guy for you in Shamrock,suplied with big screens.Guinnes and a beatifull atmosphair.
2nd and 3rd.The big entrance in Hersonissos night life,the best club wannabe,Matrix.Opened last year in the middle of the summer,this year with determined steps is working for the 1st place.The best sound system in the town,even if djs are playing very loud, you wont have any problem in chating.Dj Kostas in the decks,former dj of Amnesia club,by far the best dj in town,with lots of appeareance in clubs abroad as well,he will give you the rythm and mood for a beatifull night.Veronic from Hungary,Lucy from Chech Republic,Andreas and Ilias from Hersonissos would serve you, your drinks,your shots and your tastefull cocktails.The biggest club in the town,famous djs are expected for great parties.Give it try and you will have a thought of this blog.If you wanna chill out a bit,there is a beatifull tarrace as well, just in case you need a few breaths before you go on dancing,watching the madness of Hersonissos passing by.More infos at:http://
4th,RnB bAR,if you like that kind of music this is the place for you.Perfect for starting your night out but you may finish it there.Good music,cheap drinks,small but fancy.Open from 10 in the morning with a beatifull tarrace till very late in the night.
5th,Quarto pub,an other pub with a history behind.Zacharis and Manos for another year,their steady,every year customers know the reason and they are always coming back.Partying from early in the night till early in the morning...
7th,Sallon bar,just opposite Silva Maris hotel,a different choice for your nights out.The only bar with Karaoke,have some drinks and try to be the star for one night.Not only mainstream music,but lots of 60s,70s,and 80s when nobody dares to sing.A beatifull tarrace as well,you can watch all the new movies and some good football games as well.More infos at:
8th,Fame cafe-bar,more than 25 years in Hersonissos night life,a classical point nowadays.Andrew,an old-fella with a great experience in bartendering is gonna be there for you,a diffirent kind of bar,with beatiful italian-style decoration,and music that will make you dance,sing,bring your memories back.
9th and 10th,White Lion,the biggest tarrace in town,supplied with the biggest screens as well.Chill out and watch the crowd passing by,it is located in the centre of Hersonissos.Kostas(pic number 10)is the guy for you,you will serve you the drinks and in the same times the jokes the fun and the games will make you enjoy yourselves there.To tell you the truth,i dont know what he is telling to the customers,but i have watched him many times and all the people are getting amazed by him.The fact that he consider the customers as his friends is basic,thats why he is got so many good friends in the whole Europe...

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