Saturday, May 19, 2007

A day break in New York

So, have some pics from the busiest club at this time,New York beach club.New York is among with all the others is well-known here for the after-hour that is happening on Fridays and Saturdays.Those are the nights that all the clubs can stay open as long as they want.From Sunday to Thursday all the clubs should close at 04.00 otherwise the police is waiting to do it.After a month they have an hour more,so during the week they close at 05.00.For many reasons,some you could see in the pics above,NY is the last that closes in the weekends.Thats why all the crews of the bars and clubs are gathering there,for a drink,ok,that is not one,and the party is going on till the first hours of the morning.The pics that you see here are like two weeks ago,when another day break found me there.Well yesterday was another,i have slept only 4 h right now,but first take some subtitles for the pics and then i ll give you a report for last night.
1st,Ha,ha,starting with Makis,Budas is his nickname and you can understand why.A pose of his own,very succesfull i have to say.Makis or Buda,is a great guy from Hersonissos,always willing for fun and jokes.I have to send him this photo...
2nd,One of the reason that NY is the last to close.Just next to the beach,i just liked the view and then appeared these guys,and they were put in the photo.It is at the first week of May otherwise you would have seen people in the sea as well
3rd and 8th,dj Yiannis,is taking care of the music in NY.Nice guy and a good friend.Take a loot at his "myspace"at:http://

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