Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beaches of Hersonissos,part 3,Golden beach and nudistists beach

Believe me that starts with the beach of nudidist accidentally:).So lets go,starting from the top...
1st and 6th,As i said a beach for people that like nudism.If you go there,as you understand you should be naked,nobody can see you,it is a bit difficult to go there,but if you are fan of nudism,go.Mostly you might meet there older people,couples,straight and gays,but not the unbelievable cheeks that you are dreaming to see in a beach like this:).It is located ,next to "Knossos Royal"hotel,in a quiet place with clear sea.It is up to you to follow nudism,so...Pictured on May 14th,17.00,Rate 7/10,(i dont follow nudism,at least in my hometown:))
2nd,It is not actually a beach it is the little bay of St.George,next to Knossos Royal Hotel also,but there is place that you can go down and be in the beatifull sea.The sea is always clear,snorkeling and fishing there are suggesting,diving as well but be carefull where you gonna dive.Check the area first and then try it.Pic on May 14th,17.07,Rate 7,5/10
3rd and 10th,the amazing beach between "Golden beach"and the "nudism beach".Magnificent
seascape,quiet white beach,beatifull sea.Perfect for relax,for swimming and in the night time for love.One of the best beaches of Hersonissos,try to go there.It is located very near to "Aldemars hotels",i suggest you take a taxi and tell to the driver to give you a lift at "Sarantari cafe",in the end of "Sarantari" area.Or follow the street after Creta Maris,it worth it.It is just next to "Golden beach",just an adorable beach,dont miss it.It is also the best for beach-parties...Pic on May 14th,16.50,Rate 10/10
4th,5th,7th,8th,9th,10th.Five pictures of "Golden beach".I am trying to be fair but this beach needs so many pictured to be shown.Marvelous place,unique seascape,beatifull sea water,not so quiet but not very busy as well,except of Sundays that many people from Iraklion are coming to this beach.Many locals also,during the week.Another adorable place,nice white sand as always at this part of the town's coastes,just be there.These last 2 beaches are from the best of Hersonissos,so be there...i am pretty often!Pic on May 14th 16.45,Rate 9,5/10
Next part would be a bit later,i go to the beach now...

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