Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bars,pubs and bar report,part2,seaside street,(Ag.Paraskevis str.)

Here we are in the sea side street,the street of madness.A big party is going on at this street during the high season that the youth is everywhere in Hersonissos.Irish,dutch,scandinavian and multicultured are the places that someboody is can choice.Believe me, the mix of nations and mentality is the best.Dancing on the bars is something usual,strip-teases from crazy girls somethinng that you can often watch,here is the place that adrenaline is hitting the top.Partying,drinking,dancing till the first hours of the mornning that fresh couples are being made,others for a quick one night stand,some are becoming beatifull affairs,and very few have met here the person of their life.This is just a report,a few words for every place,but during the summer i hope that you have details, spicy photos and comments from the night life here.So shall we start?
1st,Mouragio club,the oldiest disco-club of the town.Approximately 30 years old,it might has lost the shine and the spirit of the past but it gives still pleasant nights to its visitors.
2nd,Cameo club,a place for crazy nights.As it grows up it is becoming bigger and better.Manos and Giorgos in the bar,another Giorgos in the decks,will make your nights beatifull and subject to think and discuss some months later,in front of a fireplace.More infos at:
3rd,Enigma club,a place for Greeks.A kind of private club,with Greek music only,an after-hour club as well.It is difficult to get in if you are not apropriate dressed for, or you go without some Greek with.It is the place for the locals,if you manage to go you would be able to see how Greek people are partying,dancing zeibekiko, tsifteteli ,or Cretan dances,nobody goes there Greek or tourist just once.If you go, you wanna go and the following night.Very crowded till 04.00,it is better to go later.All the Greek celebritys that will come in Hersonissos,wiill pass for there,beatifull girls and handsome boys would attract you,watch and try to be a part of the party.
4th,Pog Mahones,Irish pub ,as you can understand with lots of morning glory.Amazing tarrace as well next to the harbour,all that you can ask from an Irish pub,plus a unique view
5th,Friendz bar,No ,no Joy is not working there,Rachel either.A nice small bar as well,flirting is easier at those places so give it a try.Manos is the man for you there,after years in Status club,a place that he owns,his experience would give you unforgettables nights.
6th,Bio Bio club.Dutch people know it before they come here.A meeting point for them.Hundreds of people are filling,not only the club but the tarrace and the street,Bio-Bio has its way.More infos at:
7th,Havana club,in other words Scandinavian colony or embassy.The scandinavian meeting point,with everything that suppose to mean,if you fancy swedish,norwegian or dannish and finnish girls ,go,you will be amazed from the many beatifull girls.If you find one for you,take her for a walk in the near little harbour,it is the most romantic you can offer to a girl at this time,with this seascape.Many love-story had been borned there,good mainstream music is helping a lot,and the tarrace next to the harbour as well.More infos at:
8th,Kellys pub,so here we are in ...the Irish neighbourhood.Big parties there,lots of drinks for the irish lats,Manos is in the bar to help you there and make you,if you are an Irish,feel like home
9th,U2 pub,no this not an irish pub,but it has something unique.It is the only pub in Hersonissos that plays only rock music.Rock from today,rock from the past,if you fancy that kind of music,this is the place for you.
10th,TNT bar,just next to U2,is simly another crazy bar.Mixed crowd,you might meet between shots and drinks people from Spain till Russia and from Finland till Italy...
11th,Tiger bar.Take a look at picture before you enter,you might recognize Mr Jose Murinhio.As you enter,Manos would welcome you,and very soon you might dance on the bar.A long history behind it,and still goes on...All kind of madness could happen there.Take some more infos from Manos myspace at:
13th,the temple bar,a nice irish place but not only for irish people.Just next to Status club,under the same owners Christos and Timis,who know very well how to make fantastic bars.Very often some live bands will giveyou an alternative solution for your nights.Also working as a restaurant with incredible dishes of european cuisine.Unique decoration,good music,it feels like Ireland.
14th,Murphys pub,maybe the best Irish place in the town.Small but fancy,party is all night long there,sometimes is working as an after hour as well.Leonidas,not from Sparta,from Crete, is there for you,George as well one of the craziest bartenders in the town.Called him Karditsa and you will have free shots for sure.More infos at:
15th,Amnesia club,for many years the best club in town,probably for another.It is not maybe like Ibiza,but Hersonissos is proud to have its Amnesia club.Everybody would pass from there,voted by the locals as well,all kind of people are there.Meeting point,place for flirting,girls on the bars dancing and in queue for dancing in the pedestral next to the djs.Dj Billy is the resident there,not just a dj but a showman,when the party is on fire he starts singing or scratching in the decks with his foot.For sure a place that will turn you on.Aris,Antonis,Marios and Antonis in the bars,very often you might meet celebritys in Amnesia.As you leave the clubs,being in the rythm still,you might shout"ONLY IN AMNESIA".More infos at:
17th,New York day and night club,one of the best in Hersonissos.New York is the club that opens first and closes last in the tourism season,even if all the places in Hersonissos are not crowded New York club would be.Its biggest advantage,the best tarrace in the the town,ideal for a cocktail or a beer.Inside people are dancing and flirting till the sunrise.New York is the after-hour palce at the weekends,stay there to have the amazing feeling of the cretan sunrise.And if you feel too hot,pick up your partner and go for a jump in the warm sea.People from the whole world here as well,a total mix of nation,in the big apple of Hersonissos.More infos at:
18th,Hollywood bar,small inside but always croweded,all kind of music,it knows how to make people pleased and satisfied.A beatifull tarrace as well,that you drink your cocktail in a romantic atmospair next to the beach or just to chill out and watch the crowds go by...
Well that was a blog that get me tired.after a description of 18 clubs,it is normal for an amateur.My place was a kind of difficult cause i know the most of the clubs owners so i didnt want to have any misunderstandings.The only thing that is left for me to do is to give,not the top-5 this time but the places i go more often.So we might meet sometime in Status,New York,Amnesia,Matrix ,Friendz,or Enigma.Those are my votes...

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