Tuesday, May 8, 2007


So lets give subtittles starting from 1st pic to the 14th.I think you have enough already,and that was just the apetizer.
1st,Hersonissos pictured from the hill next to our little harbour
2nd and 3rd unique colours in a sunset of the Cretan sun
4th,the peacefull sea in the bay of Hersonissos
5th,some locals are looking for crabs in the rocks,
6th and 7th,the rocky beach of St.George,in the promontory of Anissaras,next to Knossos Royal hotel.I know,i owe you the sandy beaches of Hersonissos.I will upload though pics from the best beach of Crete...soon.
8th,the graphical harbour of Hersonissos
9th,windy sea,this time
10th angry waves are hitting the harbour
11th,the harbour with its boats
12th,some fishing boats in the harbour.Hersonissos was a little poor fishing village before tourism make this miracle
13th,thats a fresh picture,last sunday morning,this marvelous sailing boat was anchored,exactly opposite of New York beach club.One of my dreams is to have such a boat...:(
14th,another fresh picture,arriving home by the sunrise...:)

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**Andi** said...

Hi, Just had to say I love the photos we've been to Hersonissos 2 years running we were going somewhere different this year, but can't bring ourselves to do so. We just love Crete and can't wait to come back.