Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Easter in Hersonissos...

Well,after the Great Friday is always the celbration of the Easter and the Ressurection of the Lord.The little church next to the port of Hersonissos welcome for another year hundreds of people who went there,expecting the Priest,father-Manolis to chant "defte lavete fos" firstly which means "come to take the light"which is coming every year from the Holy Grave of Lord in Jerousalem by aeroplane to all Orthodox churches and it is lighting the same time,something that means metaforically come to have the Speech and the Taught of Lord.
Exactly at midnight the prist chanted "Christos Anesti",announcing the Ressurection of the Jesus.This is the time that the night becomes day becouse of the many marvelous fireworks that are lighting in the sky and a fire is set up so Judas would be burnt in it.Everybody is wishing to the other,the families are giving the kiss of love and the most of the people are starting to living for their houses since the delicious tradditional soup,"Mageiritsa",is waiting for them on the Easter dinner.
But unfortunately this year in Hersonissos,we were not as happy as other times in the Easter,cause a bit after midnight and the "Christos Anesti" an accident happened to a great guy,and a good friend for many of us.As he was trying to explode a self-made firework,it exploded suddenly and he got seriously injured in his hand.Everybody was shocked and all our wishes and prays were for him.The point is that it wasnt his firework,he is an expert on that,but he was trying to explode somebody else firework.As Greks says many things in life is matter of "bad timing".It was definetaly the bad moment for him.
Now we all are wishing that he is gonna be well soon and that it would never happened again something like that again,here or anywhere else...


Yvonne said...


I will be (God willing) in Hersonissos during Holy week and Easter next year (2013). Is it acceptable for a woman to wear trousers to the Good Friday/Easter Sunday services, or should I wear a long skirt. I don't want to offend anyone.

By the way, we were in Hersonissos in May 2008, just after your friend hurt his hand with the firework. A taxi driver was telling us about him. How is he now?

Many thanks for your help.

myron@hersonissos said...

Hi Yvonne

There is not a problem to wear trousers or whatever during the Holy Friday.Actually greek girls are getting dressed quiet sexy that day cause after the church they are going clubbing...:)
And anyway we are not so fanatic religious in greece,espcially the younger people.We just like our traditions esecially when they inlclude good food...

My friend is doing just fine.Tottaly recovered after the accident,has his old job and he is doing just fine.
Thanks for the interest