Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sasa Basta at Amnesia opening night

Amnesia club had its grand openning night last Friday,so they should have a special guest for that.
The fellas from the club did the right choice inviting Sasa Basta,the most desirable girl of the greek tv at Amnesia.Sasa has been very succesfull the last two year,being a performer at the night show of Ant1 tv"OLA".There she is dancing,singing but most of all is teasing the viewers.
Apart from that she is one of the best paid top models in Greece.
At Amnesia club she song,she made many pictures and she was really friendly with all those people(including me)that wanted to chat or have a pic with her.After the show she had had a long chat with Eleni,making us all curious about the subject of the conversation.She was not snob at all,i could say in antithesis with an other top-model Evi Adam,that had appeared in Matrix club as a dj last year.http://(
Well,that was a great openning night for a club like Amnesia,and we all hope that there would be more special guest at the club this year.
About Sasa,the only thing that i have to add,is that she will be always welcome in Hersonissos and we hope to see her soon back in town...

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