Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eden is west

It was more than two months ago,that i noticed an annoncement on a wall.
"We are looking for standing actors for the latest movie of K.Gavras that is going to be shooted in Hersonissos,Mallia and other areas of Crete"
So i thought,why not,that is going to be a totally new experience,so lets try it.
I went in the appoitment with the assistant directors,answered some questions,made some photos and i was waiting for their call.
The call was a couple of weeks later,10 p.m and Vicktoria,the assistant director,asked to go with them in Vai tropical beach for a shooting at 5 a.m,next morning.Igot so nervous,cause i knew that it was so difficult for me to leave my work for half day,without having on schedule all that i have to do the following day.So i denied,but 15 min later i had regreted about it.
I thought that i had lost the unique opportunity to take part in a great movie.
Kostas Gavras is one of the most famous Greek directors who is living and working mostly in Paris.Some of his most famous movies are "Z" with Yves Montand(1969),Missing with Jack Lemmon(1982)Mad City with John Travolta and Dustin Hoffman (1997)Amen (2002)and of course many more.
For more details about the director and scriptwritter of "Eden is West" just follow the link
The movie is about a nowadays story of an illegal emigrator who tries to cross Mediterrenean Sea ,starting from Greece and having final target to be in Paris.
"It is a road movie of a nowadays Oddyseas that is looking for his own Ithaki"says the director,adding that the script is original and not self biographied.The country that the heroes is coming from is not clear,but it would be easy to guess for the viewer,since i want the viewers to think about it and not being neutral about the movie adds K.Gavras.
The leading actor of the movie is a young talented Italian actor Ricardo Scarmacio ,and also starring Eric Caravaca,Ulrich Tukur,Any Dupperey and more.
Oh how about me after my deny?
I was very lucky beacause i had a 2nd call.They wanted me as a "bad guy",a policeman so on 20th of May iwas in little harbour of Mallia for the shooting.
I was trying as much as possible to keep in my mind every moment of the shooting,i knew that it was a llife's experience.
Everybody was so friendly ,i was kind of shocked seeing the leading actor Scarmacio coming in the table of standing (actors)to have a cigarette and a little chat with us.Even the star of the movie Kostas Gavras,a direcrtor with many awards in his collection such as Academy Award,better known as OSCAR for Best Adapted Scrennplay for his movie Missing(1982)BAFTA award for best screenplay in the same movie,Cesar award for Amen(2002),Best Directror Award from Cannes film FESTIVAL for the movie "Section speciale"(1975),was so friendly and kind with us.
My part was to be one of the policemen who are looking for the hero,the illegal emigrant,but unfortunately i am kind of invisible in the movie.
That is cause when the assistand director asked who can drive well i gave a possitive answer.
You see i wanted to drive the police petrol,feel like a cop.
But then he said to us the driver stays is in the car,so i am afraid i wont be showed in the movie.
Anyway never mind for me .
I know that i had a unique experience and that is more than enough...

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