Saturday, August 2, 2008

It is Sumerrtime!!!!vol.2 Rackets...

Summer in the beach is something totally connected with Crete and Hersonissos.
So which the best game that you can enjoy in the beach?
Oh yes,of course rackets.
With my friend Kostas have been playing rackets for many years.Before the Olympic games in 2004 in Athens,we were saying that we play so many hours that we can take part in the Olympic games.Unfortunately racketes were not included in the list of the games so we lost our chance to take part in a big event.
We are still,though,play some rackets in the beach whenever we have got the time.Old loves are never forgoten and we love rackets.It is the best game to warm you up,especially in the May or October,that we are still going in the beach and the sea is much colder than now.
Apart from that is a nice gym for yourself since you work out with your hands,legs,ballance and propably the whole body.
Should it be maybe an Olympic game?

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