Friday, July 25, 2008

Policemen on duty

It was some days ago that i was having my drink in a club of the town ,that suddenly i heard
the noise of a quarrel and the next moment i saw many people staring at the place that the noise was coming.
As a curious human being that i am i went near the quarrel to see what is going on.
There, i saw a guy being arrested and the two cops very very angry with him.
As i learnt that idiot drunk Brittish or Irish guy tried to take the gun from the holster of the policeman.That made the uniformed very angry,and i think that they were totaly excusable.
Guns are not games,and i cannot understand ,even if this guy was drunk,what had he thought to do.Did he thought that he is visiting some Banana-Republic country?
Well i am sure that after a few days in jail,he would think twice,before he is gonna play games with the cops next time...
The good reaction of the cops showed that some stupids should forget about illegal behaviours in Hersonissos,and if they want to have good time here,they d better behave theirselves like they are in their country...

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