Sunday, May 11, 2008

Carl Cox in Matrix club Hersonissos!OMG What a party!

1)Carl Cox on the decks
of Matrix club

2)Fans of Carl Cox getting warm
to dance!

3)Big smiles in a happy mood!
4)Hallo beuties!Got you!
5)View of the decks and the dance floor
6) Panoramic view of the club.Oh some familiar faces

of the blog in the frontground

7,8&9)Carl Cox gives the rythm

10&11)Amazing dancers in Matrix club

12)More happy people
13) Blogger excited!
14)Carl Cox doin what he knows best!

Fire on the decks!

Interview of Carl Cox by the team
of,some hours before the party

18&19)Views of Matrix club
Dance floor in fire!!!
21)Dj Bingo and the white "Carl Cox"in happiness!
Hersonissos welcomed the new season with a great party last Saturday in Matrix club!Carl Cox was the guest DJ and as you can imagine the party would be unforgettable!
It has been like 6 years since the last appearance of Carl Cox in Crete,that was again in Hersonissos,in Homus open-air club,so the fans of the "green mile" were impatient for his next appearance!
It started as rumour,3weeks ago but finally wasnt just a rumour,it was the greatest party of last years in Hersonissos.
Fantastic music,amazing vibes,happy mood and atmosphair and of course lots of hundreds clubbers in a cram full Matrix club.Carl Cox appeared at about 2.30 in the morning and till the time went 6.30,he was on the decks doing what he knows best,having the dance floor on fire.
I have to notice here that this was the unique appeareance of Carl Cox in Greece,in 2008,which is a great point for Hersonissos!
Actually he is not appearing so often,and being a citizen of the world he has invitations from anywhere in the planet you can imagine.So after London,Newcastle,Liverpool,Dusseldorf,Munich,Miami,San Fransisco,Karakas,Rio de Janeiro,Hersonissos and Matrix club was lucky to guest Carl Cox!
And it rally worth it!!!!!

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manu said...

nice review!
it was a great party!