Saturday, March 1, 2008

Masque Party

So,the Carnibal is here and different kind of celebrations have already started to take place.

Last Thursday,the Tsiknopempti as we call it in Greece,(the day that the cooked food are overcooked)a beatifull party took place in Matrix club.

That was just the beggining.In the whole area are gonna happen many and different kind of paries at those celebrations,in the best habbit of greek culture that has been started in the years of the god Dionysus,the god of wine and partying.

Today in the nearby village of Mochos,up in the mountain,but only 20 min from Hersonissos the celebration of "Xinohontros and Mouzoudia"is following.That is an open air party in the central square of Mochos.Its ingredients are Xinohontros(cretan made tradiotional soup)Mouzoudia(every one gets a black painting in the face)wine,lots of souvlakia and of course masquerade people with a non limit party-mood.

Next week,the last weekend of the Carnibal are going to be parades of masqueraded people in many cities of Crete.

The nearest one to Hersonissos is happening in Malia,but i think that i would follow the biggest one,the one in Rethymnon.

As a beggining i will attach some pics from the party in Matrix last Thursday,but stay tuned cause the best are coming...

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