Friday, February 22, 2008

This is the 21 st century

That was my article 8 months ago,on Friday 29 of June 2007.It was about the heat -wave that visited Crete 3 times last summer.I remember still,and i know that we gonna face it this summer again,that especially the second heat-wave had lasted for about a week.Something new even for us in Crete,that we are a kind of used in heat-waves,but not in a such a long period.In the past,we were having every two or three years a heat wave(over 39 dgs of C')but it was never 3 times in one summer,or for so many days.I mean that in the past a heat-wave was lasting for 3 days mostly...

Some,have seen last week in the news,the snow-storm,that has visited Greece.

In Crete,it might snows every winter,but only by the mountains.In the seaside towns,like Hersonissos,or Heraklion,that could happen very seldom,and it all those times in the past was a kind of snow,just a few drops,that was making us happy .This time was tottaly different.

Even a snow-storm visited Hersonissos,last Sunday,at about 19.00,and it was snowing for two days in a row.For a seaside town,definetely something new.It was nice,no doubt about.But behind the beatifull scenery,my thought went in the Clima.

The Clima which is going to be totally different this century.I am sure Earth is not so happy about that.

I also made some thought about having a ski-place,in Crete,we got the mountains,as it looks like,we are going to have much more snow in the near future,so why not.Crete is a blessed place the whole year,but we should start protecting the enviroment more carefully.

Cause when Nature revenges,it is real hard...

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Joney said...

Its hard to believe it was snowing there. I worked at the cuckoo bar in the 80's with yiannis and manolis. I saw your photo of him. I was a good time so thanks for the reminder.