Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Xinoxontros kai Mouzoudia

So the second big event of the carnival in our area took place in Mochos village,the cousin of Stalis.It was something marvelous,lots of fun,nice organized by the locals,something that has been institutionalized,the last 10 years.

Of course many people attenders were not only from Hersonissos but from the whole area nearby.

From Malia and Sissi till Iraklion were driven from Hersonissos up to the hill,in the hospitable village of Mochos.Actually the and Arcalochori.

The fireworks gave their own majesty in the night,they were many and they gave in the sky thousands of lights and colour since they were exploding for about half an hour.

There were masqueraded people but also non-masq.The locals tace car of that since everybody was having a black paint in the face.That was the Mouzoudia!

There was a lot of Xinohontros soup as well,which helped a lot,especially becouse of the free wine and the all the other drinks that were supplied.

On the top,you see some pics from the beggining of the night till the end,in the early morning...

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