Monday, July 9, 2007

comments on the last post

Saturday night,the night that started when the calendar was writting 07/07/07.Many said that it would be a special day becouse of the 7ns which are special,in life in mathematics and in many more.
For me havent happened something that would be portentous for my life,but i had a great night out in Matrix club.The club has been known at the Hersonissos vsitors for the guest dj that had appeared there last month.Dj Sasha,Benny Benitez and more did play and of course they had entertain the clubbers pretty well.But Matrix club could be considered lucky for its resident dj Kostas as well.I could easy say that he is better dj than those famous that coming sometimes for a night.
Last saturday,dj Kostas gave to the crowd in matrix a unique permance.As we say in Greek"ta spase"which means he broke em,meaning the decks.All night long the crowd was jumping and dancing at the rythms that dj Kostas was giving.Splendid night for sure.
Last weeks that Matrix club was guesting mostly Dutch djs,i used to laugh at dj Kostas,saying to him"are you gonna play some music ever?"Now for sure i cannnot say that.He played and he played dem good.
If you have search the blog,or if you follow it from the beggining ,you would remember that when i showed Matrix clubs,i had written that the transfer of dj Kostas from Amnesia club to Matrix,wuld give some very good credits to the club.I was right 2 months ago.
Dj Kostas is considered at least by me,and many more other people that have been in tha clubs that he is playing as the best dj of Hersonissos.He has played also in clubs abroad,Germany,Belgium and Holland i think,always very succesfully,always giving the people nights to remember.
Well,my friend Kosta,keep on like this,i really believe that the limits of Hersonissos are pretty small for you...
So before i finish take some comments on the pics i shooted in Matrix club,on Saturday 07/07/07

1st,Beatifull girl on the bar,amazing movings on the rythm
2nd,dj Kostas stopped being shy and gives us a pose
3rd,at the decks
4th and 5th,this girl amazed me...
6th,Matrix club was really crowed till the first mornings hours,but the most important was that people did have good fun under the programme of dj Kostas
7th,isnt she gorgeus?
9th,dj Kostas and George in the console of Matrix
10th,Makis,the buda is already known at this blog,
11th,Arnold is a dutch painter,being in Hersonissos every year the last 15 years
13th,some how we met,some how we were lost
14th,and 15th,dj Kostas explodes the crowd...
17th,ok,if you insist you ll be in my blog,you look great,anyway
18th,daancceee on the bar
19th,nice couple?
20th,Veronique,after posing in Amnesia,a couple a weeks ago,now in Matrix,always with beatifull company,always looking beatifull herself
21st,thats a n ice dance
22nd,dj Kostas was responsible for what had happened on the Saturday night of the 07/07/07...

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