Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lets recycle...!

I was very happy when two days ago i saw that some special bags for recycling garbages had come in my house!But still i had the question "Where we gonna place the garbage that were going for recycle?"

I called the municipality to express my question and their answer was that at the moment there were vans only in the area of the city hall.I was ready to drive my garbages to this area,but forunately next day the recycling vans had taken place in my neighbourhood.

So the only thing that we should now is to divide our garbage in those that are going for recycling and those that arent.

Just remind you which are for recycling

1st)cans made from alumin as refreshments,beers etc.

2nd)paper.Packages,papers,magaazines etc

3rd)Packages made of "white iron" such as milk boxes,tomatojuices,cans etc

4th)Glass packages as bottles etc.


Those are for recycle.The rest in the other vats

As finishing something more.Older people might have not understand how importand is to recycle.Youngers should explain to them,so


p.s.I dont know if somebody from the municipality is reading my blog,but becouse the demand of my last post was ery fast fullfilled i shall say thank you for that.


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