Monday, October 15, 2007

Since the season is coming to the end,it is time to start writing about things that are missing fro Hesonissos.Nowadays that the pollution of the enviroment is the main issue in the planet,it is a shame for the municipality of Hersonisos that there is not existing a policy for the recycling of the garbages.
Everybody in the town is stating his concern about a better Hersonisos in the near future,but there many things that have to be done if we want to achieve something like that.Things that are gonna happen as a miracle,things that we all have to work hard for a good result.
It would be perfect,if we could manage to make Hersonisos an ideal town in enviroment issues.
So thousands of people that visit us,would have to mention except the beatifull beaches,the natural beaty,the exciting nightlife and the cretan hospitality,they could mention also the clean and enviroment friendly resort that they spent their holidays.
The people that are coming here for their holidays,are mostly living in big cities,that often the pollution of the enviroment is at least a disturb.
The difference is that their goverments,concern about this main issue of the planet nowadays and they are following a policy for less polution and better enviroment.
It is a shame that the Greek goverment is missing those issues,but this is something that has to be solved by the municipality.
The shame is belonging then,also,or mostly in the municipality of Hersonisos that is having "the eyes closed"at a such a big issue.
There are,mostly in the tourist season,but in the rest of the year as well,tones of papers,tones of glass,tones of so many things that everybody should recycle,but how to if there are not any recycling vats in the town.
I know that are many people in the town,maybe all the people if they informed about,that they would have recycled their garbages,after it is so easy and it is so good for the enviroment.
The question is "Is the municipality of Hersonisos going to wake up and bring recycling in Hersonisos?"

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