Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Maybe a good solution for Hersonissos

Cretan cuisine

Hersonissos high season.A place for clubbing.This is the reason of the low budget tourist that have been coming in the town the last years. The last 10?years beach road is so overloaded of bars and clubs.Irish bars,dutch bars,scandinavian clubs etc.Those are bussiness that are expecting to make money just in a couple of months.Thats why they serve cheap drinks,you pay 1 and you take 2 or 3,a mess everywhere,dirtyness and polution.I am so sick of that. Hersonissos is a beatifull place,but here also,as it is used everywhere,human being and his tries for easy money are intending to collapse the town. It is sanctified the last years that Hersonissos is a resort famous for its nightlife. Unfortunately the nightlife of Hersonissos is walking in bad levels at this time. I am a fan of Hersonissos nightlife,big one actually,but we all have to try to make the town better before it is too late. Besides the nightlife,i would suggest that in the place of those dirty stinky clubs that are serving bombs,as we say in greek,cause of the bad quality of the driknks,it would be much better if some nice restaurants based on the cretan cuisine would appear in the beaifull beachside street that ends in the graphic harbour. Cretan cuisine is lately well known in the whole world appart of the tasty flavours ,for the goods that can give in our health.Based on the cretan olive oil,which is considered as the best in the world,and in other products of cretan nature such as vegetables and fruits,had made in the past years Cretans the people with the longest time of living.Unfortunately for us,following the fast rythms of life nowadays has kept us a bit away of the cretan cuisine,but always in the family dinners we gonna respect and taste the most delicious of our traditions WOULD IT BE FINNALY MUCH BETTER FOR HERSONISSOS,THE NO 1 RESORT OF CRETAN TOURISM,INSTEAD OF THE CLUBS AND THE BARS TO COME IN THEIR PLACES SOME DELICIOUS NICE RESTAURANTS THAT WOULD PROMOTE TO EVERY VISITOR THE CRETAN CUISINE?IN SYNTHESIS WITH THE MAGNIFICENT VIEW OF THE HARBOUR OF HERSONISSOS,WOULD IT MAKE THE TOWN A BETTER RESORT FOR QUALITY TOURISM?I know that this is difficult to happen,it needs mostly time,but i am so sure that it would work.Cretan cuisine is a role that can take out the town of that bad mess that is happening in the summer time "high season". Of course i dont accuse all the clubs.There are in the town some brilliant places,that everybody could have a great time.I am proud that at this site you can see some of those.I am accusing the dirty clubs ,those that their only way to work is to corrupt some agencies.I accuse also those agencies that are leading young tourist in the clubs,as the shepard is leading his flock,getting paid by head to sell a bad way of diversion. No Heronissos doesnt needs tourists that are behaving like a flock,Hersonissos wants the tourists that know how to have good time,that they know how to enjoy themselves,that they would come to discover an other world in Crete,and not being drunk their whole vacations,as the agency that brought them wants. Change your plans,be patient,and very soon everybody would understand that it would be much better if we gonna turn in quality offers,such as the cretan cuisine...

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